Message From The President

The Malaysian Association in Singapore or MASIS was launched in October 2014 by a small group of committed Malaysians with the support and encouragement of the High Commissioner of Malaysia, H.E. Dato’ Husni Zai Yaacob, who is our inaugural Patron.

The Malaysian Association was formed with two principal aims in mind:

  • to bring together the community of Malaysians and people of Malaysian origin who are living, working and studying in Singapore, and
  • to celebrate our uniquely Malaysian identity and heritage and reconnect with what makes us truly Malaysian.

My fervent hope is for the Malaysian Association to serve as a focal point to bring together and bind the community of Malaysians in Singapore: at once providing a platform to meet, connect and enlarge the circles of Malaysian friends, and a channel to give expression to our distinctively Malaysian core.

MASIS proposes to organize and promote Malaysian food festivals, Malaysian-themed arts and culture events, sporting and recreational activities, travel and tourism in Malaysia, business and networking opportunities, and special initiatives for Malaysian students in Singapore. There will be something for everyone: whether you’re a foodie or a family of five, a sports enthusiast or a culture vulture, an accomplished businessman or an aspiring student.

Singapore hosts the largest population of the Malaysian diaspora globally. There are several hundreds of thousands of Malaysian citizens residing, working or studying here. Add to that list the number of people of Malaysian origins who have laid down roots permanently in Singapore, the numbers are even more substantial. MASIS has the potential for growing into an important association for global Malaysians. Critical mass will give MASIS an opportunity to do more.

MASIS would be especially relevant and meaningful to Malaysians who have now spent a large part of their lives in Singapore or for whom Singapore has become their adopted homes. It is a chance to reconnect with your Malaysian roots and to introduce your families and friends to the richness and diversity of Malaysian culture.

MASIS affords a wonderful opportunity to meet other like-minded Malaysians and not so like-minded Malaysians. MASIS has given me, for instance, an opportunity to meet and interact with a wonderfully colourful crowd of Malaysians from different walks of life, who are both interesting and successful in equal measure. This should come as no surprise. Be it in the corporate world, in professional fields, in civic society, in the arts, culture and sports, and even in government, individual Malaysians have been given the opportunity to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Singapore. MASIS can provide the supper table for such Malaysians to come together to exchange views and ideas, and to work together in a “Malaysia Boleh” spirit to unlock and unleash potential synergies, and promote growth and development on both sides of the Causeway.

Finally, the formation of MASIS comes at a high water mark in bilateral relations between Malaysia and Singapore. Indeed, no matter how you look at it, there has never been a better time to be a Malaysian in Singapore. Through MASIS, we hope to foster goodwill and understanding between Malaysia and Singapore and deepen the bonds of friendship and interdependence between these two nations. With that, I call on all Malaysians in Singapore, past and present, to step forward and sign up with MASIS: re-connect with what makes you quintessentially Malaysian and become part of a flourishing and vibrant community of Malaysians in Singapore.

Malaysian Association in Singapore (MASIS)

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