Who can join MASIS as a member?

MASIS caters to Malaysian citizens who ordinarily reside, work or study in Singapore.

MASIS also welcomes former Malaysian citizens who are ordinarily resident in Singapore, children of Malaysian citizens and former Malaysian citizens who are ordinarily resident in Singapore, and Singapore citizens who are permanent residents of Malaysia who are ordinarily resident in Singapore.

What are the benefits of joining MASIS?

As a member you will be able to participate in the Association’s various activities – arts and culture events, sporting and recreational activities, business and networking opportunities, and special initiatives for students.

As a member you will be able to meet and connect with other Malaysians resident in Singapore to share and receive knowledge, support and friendship.

MASIS aims to organize events that celebrate landmark Malaysian festivals and commemorative dates. Our members will have opportunities to celebrate and participate even though they are away from their families and homes in Malaysia.

MASIS aims to form partnerships with Malaysia-related establishments operating in Singapore to provide special discounts and benefits to our members. Watch this space for updates.

What are the categories of membership for MASIS?

Ordinary Membership – $100 per year
Associate Membership – $120 per year
Family Membership – $120 per year
Student Membership – Free
Corporate Membership – $300 per year
Fees are discounted 50% for those joining/renewing from 1 July onwards.

For more information please refer to membership page.

Is there an age limit to membership?

MASIS membership is for those 18 years and above in age.
For Family Membership, all children must be below 21 years of age.
The qualifying age for Student Membership is from 12 years to 25 years.

Who is eligible to hold office in the Executive Committee?

Ordinary Members are eligible to hold office.
Associate and Student Members are not eligible to hold office.
Family Membership: Only one Ordinary Member is eligible to hold office.

How many family members can join under the Family Member category?

At least one spouse must be a Malaysian citizen (Ordinary Member). The Family Membership is for a maximum of 5 people total. Children under the Family Membership must be below 21 years of age. Once they reach 21 years of age they may apply for an Individual or Student membership as applicable.

I am an existing Family / Corporate Member, and would like to add or remove members to my account.

Please login to the Members area, then go to Update Profile. You will be able to add additional members and update their info. To remove members, please contact administrator@masis.org.sg.

What is Student Membership?

Student membership is free and open to Malaysian citizens enrolled in full time secondary or tertiary educational institutions in Singapore. The qualifying age for Student Membership is from 12 years to 25 years. Student members cannot vote or hold office in MASIS.

What is the duration of a MASIS membership?

The membership period is valid for 12 months based on one calendar year. Membership renewal reminders will be sent to you one month before expiry.

How do I join as a MASIS member?

Please read the membership criteria in the Membership Page. Please select the appropriate membership category for you, your family or corporate organization and pay the first year’s members fees online.

Proof of membership

All confirmed members will be issued with an official invoice for membership fees paid. In the Members Area, you will find a Membership Card. Kindly bring your card to MASIS members-only events.

How do I renew my membership?

Please login to the members area to make a payment. If you have signed up before April 2016, please contact administrator@masis.org.sg for your login details.
Student memberships are automatically renewed.

How do I make payment?

All Membership Fees must be paid in Singapore Dollars. Payment can be made online with credit cards, or via cheque, cash and bank transfer. Full details here.

Is my data confidential?

MASIS is committed to complying with the Personal Data Protection Act (2012) and recognizes the individual rights of its members under this Act. Members can request and make corrections to any personal data provided to us at any time by writing to MASIS. All personal data collected will be kept strictly confidential and we will take the necessary measures to ensure adequate protection. Unless we have members’ consent, we will not disclose personal data to any third parties except as may be required by law. Note that you can withdraw some or all your consent at any time. However, do note that when this happens, the quality of MASIS membership services to you could be impacted and this may even affect your membership status.
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