Message from the Patron

The Malaysian Association in Singapore (MASIS) was formed five years ago as an avenue for Malaysians residing in Singapore to come together and celebrate our Malaysian nationality. Coming together under an association will facilitate in caring for the welfare and progress of Malaysians residing in Singapore. The High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore has been working closely with MASIS in bringing Malaysians in Singapore together and to complement efforts in promoting goodwill with Singapore. 

Being the closest immediate neighbour bounded by history and kinship, relationship with Singapore is very important to Malaysia. Taking advantage of the continuously growing economic ties between Malaysia and Singapore, I look forward to working closely with Malaysians in Singapore, through MASIS, in driving the business and networking opportunities to further promote Malaysia as the destination to do business and invest. As MASIS has over the five years of its formation spread its reach to Malaysians in Singapore, I believe MASIS is in a good position now to facilitate this endeavour. 

The High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore will continue to join MASIS in organizing high impact events, which I hope would benefit its members as well as attracting more Malaysians to joining MASIS.  

I would also like to congratulate and thank MASIS for the invaluable contribution and role in bringing Malaysians in Singapore together and catalyse further understanding and goodwill with our host country, Singapore. 




High Commissioner of Malaysia in Singapore 

Patron of Malaysian Association in Singapore (MASIS)   

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